Figuring Out Rates & How Many Headshots You Need

Actors, models and musicians should typically opt for 4 while business executives should opt for 2. In many cases, business executives come in with plans for one quick headshot and in most cases end up leaving with two. In the end, it’s because it provides options: they can test to see which works better between two, they can use one for the website and another for LinkedIn, etc. For actors, models, and musicians, at least four is preferred to cover the many look requirements – beauty, commercial, glamour, theatrical, etc. – plus for use on industry websites, social media, and more.

Pre-Shoot Requirements

As always, there is required paperwork. For any headshot session, this includes a standard release from liability and permission for photography. Other permissions and releases may be needed for shoots at other locations.

Planning & Shooting

Upon your request, you might be provided guidance on what to wear, etc. We may also collaborate on a digital mood board to cover potential ideas. In addition, check out these great tips on how to get good headshots.

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