Why Update Your Headshot?

You might be thinking that a new headshot is a once-a-decade thing to get. Well, if it’s for a driver’s license, perhaps so. But, remember that the point of a headshot is to market yourself. Therefore, it must represent who you are and how you’re marketing yourself. So, depending on your career goals, this might mean new headshots as often as each six months to around each couple of years. So, why update your headshot that often?

Corporate Headshots

If you’re in the market for corporate headshots in Los Angeles, you might get away with not needing new headshots until a couple of years or so. But this isn’t always the case. If you change your look, you might need it sooner.

What look changes might call for a new headshot? Did you change your hair style? This could be new facial hair or removal of facial hair. It could mean a new hair color too, not just shortening or growing out hair. Did you change your personal style – the type of clothes you wear, etc? Have you gotten prescription glasses? Have you lost or gained noticeable weight? Do you have a new scar or get rid of one?

It could also be just that your existing headshot is growing stale – is it the same one people have come across for too many years. Outside of the changes above, in some professions you can get away with not having a new headshot for 2-3 years. But some other professions might be better off having new headshots more often, particularly in those that are very people-facing.

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A Good Corporate Headshot Can Be the Inviting Difference to Attracting New Customers


So, what are some professions that might consider getting headshots more frequently? Actors, personal financial consultants, dancers, doctors and dentists, lawyers often dealing with new clients face-to-face, models, musician, real estate agents, and so on.

Basically, if you have a business where you see your customers – those that pay you directly for services – you might want to be sure your headshot is updated more frequently, probably each 1-2 years. Where will you want to update your headshot? Well, it depends on the business but, in most cases: your company website, LinkedIn, on business cards or signage, in printed brochures, and so on.

Then there are professions where a headshot is critical. This includes actors, dancers, models and musicians. For these professions, a headshot can literally define how you want to be perceived and this can be critical to your career.

The Importance of Updating Your Headshot

Getting actor headshots in Los Angeles is important. Getting model headshots in Los Angeles is also important. And the same is true for dancer headshots and musician headshots. For actors and models, it’s literally your resume – the gateway to getting cast for a role or photo shoot.

For dancers, some auditions will require a headshot to go alongside your reel. So, it’s good to have one ready to go. For musicians, you can use it to brand your identity as a musician – a trumpet player with his trumpet or a singer with her favorite mic.

For actors and models, it’s important to get new headshots as frequently as every six months. While this isn’t always the case, it might be necessary. Why?

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

A Good Actor Headshot That Pops Might Be the Difference to Getting in the Door at Castings

First, if you’re regularly getting booked with your headshots, keep it going. Don’t change what isn’t broken. But, if you’re not getting gigs, you might consider changing up your headshots. First, be sure the quality of your headshot is good. Compare the results of many headshot photographers with your own headshots. Do your existing headshots beat most others? If not, you might want to get new headshots that are higher quality.

Maybe you have really good headshots with great quality and you’re still not getting gigs. It might not be your headshots – it might be something else. It could be your look or the pose in your headshots. So, change it up. Go back to your good photographer and change the look of your headshots. A simple subtle change might make all the difference. Have plenty of headshots to change them out until you find what’s working.

Professional Headshots

Finally, if you’ve made the mistake of using a smartphone selfie as a headshot, stop it. Don’t do it. It’s bad business. Get professional headshots in Los Angeles – it’s too competitive out there to play around. That goes for any large market like Los Angeles.

Your headshot and its quality is a direct reflection of the quality of your service, be it an actor or attorney. So, a selfie? No. Update your headshot but do it professionally. Besides, you can have affordable headshots and since you don’t need them that often it’s a worthwhile investment on you. Always bet on you.

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