Why Do Actors Need Headshots?

If you are a part of the acting community, you are likely well aware of why actors need headshots in their industry. If you are just getting started in acting or thinking of dipping your toes in the industry, you may not be too sure of why you need headshots. One of the very first things an aspiring actor should do before trying to book auditions is to get professional headshots. When you get professional headshots done it can be much easier to drop them off with casting directors at auditions you attend or to submit to agents you want to work with.

But Why?

You should think of building a headshot portfolio to use as your own personal calling card. They not only have a few pictures of you but also your contact information. When you have been through a few auditions you will understand how nerve-wracking, stressful and long (or short) the process can be. When you have done your lines in front of a casting director they take that time to assess your skills. However, you clearly aren’t the only one to audition for that role on that day, If it’s an important role the casting for it may take weeks and many people will filter through a casting director’s office. With your headshot in hand, they won’t be struggling to remember what you look like or wondering if you in fact fit the look for the role you have tried out for. So, obviously the better quality your headshot is, the more it can stand out from the crowd.

actors need headshots

A Resume Builder

In truth, your headshots are a part of your resume. You might have a short or long list of previous work but casting directors need to put a name to face – and it needs to be a current face, not an old picture. Just like with any other job, it’s a great idea to put together a resume. It means that you take yourself seriously and that you are prepared for the potential work ahead of you. Appearance, as well as ability, play huge factors in whether you are going to get the role or not. Directors need to be able to reference not only your work but your face as well. Your resume and your headshots are a quick look at you as well as a way of referencing your contact information later.

More Important than You Think

Whether it’s your first audition or your last, you need to have actor headshots in Los Angeles to provide to the casting director. Just like with taking tests in school you may think you bombed. However, if you did a fantastic job the casting director may have still spent a few more days or weeks ensuring that they found the right fit. When the time comes to narrow things down you will be happy that you handed over a photo reference for them to help make their final decision. Seeing your face again and again in a good headshot and remembering your performance at your audition could be all that was needed for you to land your next big role. They also help an actor to be more camera ready. It might not be a video camera but a photography shoot allows you to interact with other professionals and show different sides to yourself. It allows you to show a depth of character and express your unique abilities.

Los Angeles actor headshots are important for an acting career. If you are interested in getting some professional headshots taken, you can depend on Headshots by The Light Committee, whether for a single updated photo or for multiple looks. You can schedule a session at the DTLA studio by calling to make an appointment or discuss your needs. Please call or text (818) 300-9434.

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