Why Are Headshots Important for Your Project?

Contrary to what you may believe or what the industry you are involved in believes, headshots can have a positive impact on your career and can showcase your professionalism to those you network with. While you might not find much stock in judging a person by their appearance, the unfortunate truth is that it happens no matter what. So, when you want to make a good impression on your resume, LinkedIn profile, business Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; A professional headshot might be the answer.  



In our fast paced world of social media that provides seemingly instant access to a person’s social life and career making, a good first impression could mean you only have a few seconds to do so. When someone has stumbled across one of your networking platforms one of the first aspects they will encounter is your photograph. People love to put a name to a face. So, having a grainy, unprofessional or badly lit photo might be doing you quite a bit of harm. You wouldn’t show up to an important meeting in last night’s outfit or your pajamas, would you? So why would you run the risk of presenting an unprofessional headshot to the world? You may have mastered how to be the premiere professional in your career field and you want to project that same professionalism and pride online as well. So, before you suit up and stretch out your selfie stick in the best lit part of your apartment, here’s a few reasons why professional headshots should be on your calendar this month.

Make a Difference in Your Career From the Beginning

If you are in a career field where professionalism and appearance matter (if you’re not you can always stick to the old saying ‘dress for the job you want!’) then you should consider the fact that a professional headshot photographer has your needs in mind. A professional photographer knows their craft and can use their unique skills to present to you shots that show a well put together, engaged and career driven person.

You Want To Be Taken Seriously

You may be concerned about the money you’ll spend on professional headshots. However, you have to keep in mind that you’re paying for great quality on a photo that can last you years before you’ll need a new one. Also, it’s an  investment that shows your company, potential employers and networking connections that you are a person that takes yourself and your career ambitions seriously. People who see you take yourself seriously will do the same.

Stand Out Against Competition

When you take the time to have professional headshots taken you will likely stand out amongst your peers who have not. Those who take a quick put together selfie won’t have that same professional, serious, business-angled view that your headshot provides a person. If you are already squarely in a career you enjoy what harm would there be in some truly high quality headshots on your online accounts? It could end up with some potential head hunting from a person who wants someone of your caliber and career driven manner? One of the best things about having great high resolution photographs on your accounts is that it can be shared while keeping that quality. Meanwhile, less sharp and inaccurate color cell phone pictures do not have that same quality.

If you are interested in getting some well deserved (and possibly much needed) professional headshots you can count on the headshot photographer at The Light Committee for the best work. The Light Committee can also come to your office for office personnel shots or you can work from the comfort of the studio. Make your appointment today (818) 300-9434

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