Where to Take Headshot Photos

Sometimes, deciding on a setting or location for where you want your professional headshots in Los Angeles can be difficult to decide. There might be certain considerations if you need actor headshots, corporate headshots, model headshots, etc. So, what might you need to consider?

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Studio Lighting Allows for Greater Control to Get Precisely the Shot You’re After

First, you need to decide between studio lighting or natural lighting. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Typically, if you’re going in for your first-ever headshot, you might want to opt for a studio. The photographer can have more control over how you are lit, making it more likely you’ll get precisely what you’re after. If you’ve already got some headshots done and are getting extras, natural light should then be considered. But, none of this is a rule to go by as photography is art and science – either can be the right thing at the right time.

For Actor Headshots

For actor headshots in Los Angeles, studio lighting is typically going to be your best shot. When you’re on-set, you’re almost certainly being lit by commercial lighting and not just natural light. Thus, a studio with good lighting is more likely to mirror this fact.

But, it’s also important because, with a photographer that knows how to light for both, you can more easily setup to get commercial looks and theatrical looks. Studio lighting makes it possible to easily go from soft to harsh looks. In natural light, you’re at the mercy of what time of day it is, if it’s sunny or cloudy, and other environmental conditions that might pop up unexpectedly.

If you’re going for natural light, the world is your oyster. You could take advantage of many settings, keeping in mind the obstacles of lighting conditions. This includes the beach to a park. It can include cityscapes and more. Try to thin of settings inline with roles you might go after.

For Corporate Headshots

For the same reasons as actors,  and to get the best corporate headshots, studio-lit shots should be your first consideration. Another reason – besides the quality of light – is because backgrounds can be kept simpler. This allows for more focus on the person and a better opportunity to match any branding requirements.

If you opt for natural light, there are often good spots right around your place of work. Brick buildings make for good backdrops as do corporate courtyards, whether inside or outside. Hallways and corridors can also make for good corporate scenes. Try to get the real thing rather than attempting to Photoshop a scene later. The real thing always looks better.

For Model Headshots

Models will almost always need a beauty shot, whether male or female. And this specific shot should be done in a studio as it will yield the best results. Models almost always need a full body shot too. Again, a studio setting is ideal so you can keep the background simple.

Beyond these two shots, you can explore other studio shots or natural-light shots. For example, if you’re looking to do fashion a lot of these vendors have ecommerce listings. They often shoot these against an all-white background. So, shots to mimic this might be good to have in a portfolio. Brands that are doing heavy marketing also add lifestyle shots. So, that same white-background shot you got in that outfit you might also want to do outdoors to mimic a lifestyle shot.

Lifestyle Headshots

Lifestyle headshots are headshots in a specific element, to convey a message or reinforce a brand. This could be a lawyer in front of the courthouse or a musician on a stage.

So, to summarize the question of where to take headshot photos, it depends on various factors. There is no one correct answer and any location you settle on might be as wrong as it is right, depending on why you need the headshot. A good headshot photographer can help you navigate to a decision.

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