What’s a Headshot? Showing Hollywood and Others Who You Are

If you aren’t an actor, actress, or model, you might have asked at one time or another:what’s a headshot?” While they’re necessary for show business, they have quite a few important corporate uses, as well. Great headshots can send a message, build a brand, and let potential clients, customers and others know that your team can be trusted, among other uses. After all, photos online or often the very first impression you make about your business. At Headshots by The Light Committee, I can provide you with the kind of headshots that will meet any of your needs. 

Headshots Done Right the First Time 

what’s a headshot

Seemingly everyone in the greater Southern California area has a horror story about headshots, and I’ve heard a few. On one occasion someone paid $650 for what my client said was far inferior headshot quality that I provided for $125. In another case, they paid for headshots they then never received. I could write about many other poor experiences people have told me about.

When I built my headshot service, I made sure that I was providing the best of all worlds to clients. So, I offer first headshots at affordable rates that can fit into the budgets of actors, corporations and everyone in between. In addition, I take pride in giving my clients very good quality headshots in one take – headshots that truly stand out in quality. A headshot should be something that you’re proud of, that you look for excuses to show people. That’s the kind of headshot I strive to provide.

Finally, getting headshots is a process. It’s an experience. For people that have been overcharged, used a photographer lacking in skill, etc., it can be a bad experience. So, my ultimate goal is to deliver an unrivaled positive headshot experience. I strive to ensure you’re smiling with positivity at the beginning and after you’ve left.

Headshots Taken Where You Are 

Everyone’s busy. You might be a member of a high-powered corporate team. Or, you might be an actor working three jobs. I understand it can be difficult to take time out of your schedule to do something. This is true even if it’s something as important as getting good quality headshots done. That’s why I offer multiple options to clients.

You can come to the centrally-located studio, and we can do headshots there. This includes in-studio or natural light in the arts district. I also have a garden option. By that same token, I also offer mobile headshots as well. I can come to you and do your headshots at your location, thus making this process just a bit easier on you. 

Headshots to Fit You 

Everyone’s headshots are different. When I take your headshots, I want to draw out what’s best about you, so that it absolutely shines through in the pictures. That’s where experience comes in to play.

I’ve taken so many headshots in the past that I can make yours look how you want. You might be going for a powerful or authoritative look. Maybe you’re going for the girl or guy next door look. Or, perhaps you’re looking for beauty, glamour or something in between. I can make your headshots truly your own look. 

What’s a Headshot Worth? 

A headshot is more than just a great picture. For many, it’s a business card, your resume, your very first impression. A headshot can open doors, whether you’re an actor trying for a big break, someone in a corporation trying to close a big deal, or if it’s your LinkedIn profile photo to ensure a good first impression.

Over the years, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t with headshots, and now I can put that experience to use for you. For a higher quality headshot, you can call or text Rafael at Headshots by The Light Committee at (818) 300-9434. I’d be glad to help. 

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