What Your Linkedin Headshots Should Look Like and Why You Need One

Are you currently at work reading about LinkedIn headshots? Might it be because you think you’re in need of one? Whether your last one was done using your smartphone or was a professional shot, there are a few things worth noting about your Linkedin Headshots. 

linkedin headshot

Why Are They So Important?

You may be wondering why LinkedIn headshots are so important. After all, isn’t LinkedIn just another form of Facebook for professionals? No matter if you think LinkedIn is just another Facebook, job recruiters will judge you by the photo you use. You have a split second of judgment to make an impression.

In fact, according to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, the first impression your headshot made on someone is likely to stay, even after they’ve spoken with or met you. The picture on your account will be one of the first things a person takes in when looking at your profile. Why risk a bad impression?

Photo tips for a better, more impressive LinkedIn headshot:

Lighting Is Paramount

When it comes to having a great headshot (or a great photo in general) good lighting can make or break it. If your lighting is too harsh or coming from an angle that doesn’t flatter you, others will notice. Poor lighting (dim, too bright, or yellow, for example) can wash out features or make it hard for a person to even know what you look like. 

Dress To Make An Impression

Just like the old adage ‘dress for the job you want’. When a potential employer is looking at your profile they’re going to judge what you are wearing and whether it gives off a professional air. You don’t want to wear bright colors or busy, distracting patterns (unless you’re an art teacher, perhaps?). Instead, opt for solid colors or ones that best suit your skin tone to allow your face to pop. For LinkedIn, because currently, LinkedIn uses a circle-crop for the headshot, this is primarily a concern for your top or shirt of choice.

Say Cheese!

You may not be the kind of person that likes to smile for photos but it would be wise to do so here. If you want to get offers from employers or look good to your business connections, it means looking welcoming. Staring into the camera with a frown and blank eyes will make you look like a person that can’t, or shouldn’t, be approached.

Keep A Neutral Background

One great way to keep the focus on you is to keep the background neutral. You aren’t taking photos for your senior pictures so don’t take a photo in front of a graffiti wall or some other busy background. White, gray or some other neutral-colored background can work to make your face the focal point and keep the attention on you. You don’t want a professional visiting your profile wondering what city you’re eating an ice cream cone in. Keep it professional with shots of just you and just a neutral background. 

Cropping Matters

You may not think about it too much if you don’t dabble in photography but the way you crop a photo can really change the way that its seen by others. Awkwardly cropping a photo midway down your waist can give you a strange appearance. You’ll want to have a photo that isn’t taken from too far away. Remember you’re aim is to be the center of attention here. A tight crop from the middle of the chest up is typically best. Remember too that the initial view of your headshot is small, but people can click on it to view a larger version.

When you’re ready to schedule an appointment for new LinkedIn photos that shows the world a professional, well-lit and smartly cropped photo of yourself you can call Headshots by The Light Committee to schedule a time and date. Don’t allow a bad LinkedIn photo to prevent you from getting that dream job offer! (818) 300-9434.

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