What Is a Corporate Headshot?

Corporate headshots are used more and more as online presences continue to grow in importance. It can be to showcase the entire team or just senior management. They are often for the business’ website but are often also used elsewhere. But what exactly is a corporate headshot?

What Is a Corporate Headshot

Corporate Headshots Have Many Uses, From Showcasing a Team on a Website to Using Them for Public Relations Efforts

How Are Corporate Headshots Used

A corporate headshot is commonly taken from around the chest up but can also be from around the belly up. The subject usually looks directly into the camera, as if to make eye contact with the viewer. There is also a usually a slight smile from the person. So, how are these photos used?

There are lots of ways: on the website under the page for “team members” or “management.” Also, for press releases, on LinkedIn or other career websites, on Facebook and other business social media channels, in advertising, on sales presentations and other such materials, and so on. In other words, they have many business uses.

How Is a Corporate Headshot Different Than Others?

This photo is often to make a first impression upon potential customers, partners, investors and others that have interests in doing business with a company. It’s different than other types of headshots – acting, modeling, and so on – in that the person is often styled how they would be on a workday, but a workday where the person might be meeting an important client.

They are also commonly different in what background or scene is used. Often, classic grays or blue backgrounds are used. Sometimes people opt for an office-like setting as the background. In terms of how a person is lit, it’s usually a flat, soft and flattering style of light that is used, which also reduces shadows.

Are There Technical Considerations for a Corporate Headshot?

Technical considerations might be to align with a website’s design. In this way, marketing managers usually tasked with coordinating headshots will coordinate with their website designer on technical requirements.

These technical requirements can include the crop factor to use, file type and file size to optimize a site for speed. Beyond this, marketing managers might need headshots to serve multiple purposes. So, often multiple crop factors and sizes might be needed and are a good idea to have in advance. For example, if a key executive is scheduled down the road to speak at an event or writes an article for a trade magazine that is to be published, these scenarios commonly require submitting a headshot.

Branding Considerations for Corporate Headshots

Marketing managers might also want the headshots to be well-aligned with the company’s overall branding and color schemes. It can look disjointed to have team members with headshots that have varying background colors – red, green, black, white, studio, outdoors, etc. So, often plans are made to ensure consistent background colors. This may also include posing everyone to the same side, be it front-facing or facing left or right and looking into the camera.

We’ve touched upon a very specific type of headshot, the corporate headshot. It’s usually for many people that are part of a team and it’s often for industries that wear suits. But executive headshots or other business headshots can also often adhere to similar technical or branding considerations.

Real estate agents are one example. Then there are doctors, accountants, agency executives, and so on. Some people in these professions wear suits and others don’t. So, as with any headshot, corporate headshots don’t always have to adhere with all these considerations.

So, what is a corporate headshot? It’s a professionally made photo of a person’s face that is used for business purposes to include, but not limited to, communicate messaging, advertisements, and other promotional uses.

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