What Are Headshot Requirements?

If you’re looking to get professional headshots you might being doing so to meet specific requirements. If so, it’s a good idea to get those requirements down to the specifics. It will help the photographer you’re working with ensure the requirements are met.

ERAS Residency Applicant Headshot

An ERAS® Residency Applicant Headshot Has Specific Requirements to Meet

Headshots for a New Website

A common milestone calling for new headshots is often a new website or website redesign. You might be working with a web designer that is going to post your headshots to a specific web page. First, be sure your web designer doesn’t just post tiny thumbnails. If you’re investing in professional headshots, they should be showcased as such and not wasted.

Remember that when used on your website your headshots are part of your brand message. Don’t settle for a web design where your headshots are tiny. That said, ask your web designer for specific crop sizes they want. Ask them their preferred file format. Also, you might want to consider background colors in advance, in case there is an opportunity or desire for the background to match your brand’s color scheme.

Author Headshot or Musician Headshot

If you’re an author of a book, the publisher is likely to have specific sizing and quality requirements. Before meeting up with your headshot photographer, be sure to get these details from your publisher. At a minimum, ask them what file format is preferred and the dimensions they want (a pixel by pixel or inch by inch count). You may also ask them if there is a preferred background as this may help in better branding the book. For example, if the cover is to do with a nature scene, perhaps your headshot should be shot outdoors.

For musicians, if you’re using a photo of yourself as part of the album art cover, be sure to get the following requirements for your photographer: minimum pixel size, preferred file format, maximum file size, and if they want RGB or CMYK color schemes (authors, this also might be helpful for you).

Documents for ERAS® Residency Applicants

If you’re a soon-to-be doctor applying for medical residency, you have a variety of application requirements. Currently one requirement is to include a photo of yourself. It is used to identify an applicant when reporting for an interview.

Because the photo is part of an interview process, many applicants opt to get a professional headshot done. In addition, there are currently specific requirements to meet, and a professional photographer can help meet them. They include Dimensions a crop of 2.5 in. x 3.5 in., a resolution of 150dpi and a maximum file size of 100kb.

Actor Headshots

Getting good actor headshots in Los Angeles can be difficult, with the plethora of photographers there are. And, getting really good and affordable headshots in Los Angeles is also as difficult. At the end of the day, actors will need to find a photographer that knows what they’re doing because actors too should get headshots to meet certain requirements.

First, make sure your headshot is full color – black and white is pretty much to be avoided, at least as your main headshots. You should also get them from around the shoulders up and cropped vertically – 8” wide by 10” tall. For printing purposes, you may opt to add your name in a small but noticeable font at the bottom right or left corner. There is no standard for what size or color the font should be. There is also no standard for whether you should print your headshots borderless or with a white border.

Whether you’re looking to meet specific corporate headshots requirements, actor headshots requirements, or application requirements, it’s a good idea to turn to a professional photographer to help meet those requirements. They should have the experience and high-end equipment and software to make sure all requirements are met and that your satisfaction is also met.

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