The Best Way to Take Corporate Headshots

Making a good impression can come down to something as simple as the photo you use on your business profile online or the headshot you place on your business card. Corporate headshots can be an essential way to create a good image of yourself for your company. Your executive headshots send a message to those within your company and business connections. It’s always best to choose the right style when getting your headshot down. Everything from the setting to the lighting and the clothing can make a difference in how you convey yourself. Here are a few tips on getting the best headshot

LinkedIn Headshot

A Great LinkedIn Headshot Makes Your Online Profile Go a Long Way

Your ‘Look”

Your look is an essential component to the photo you want to take. For example, if you feel like you have a ‘better’ side when taking a photo, make that known to your photographer. You want to be comfortable and confident and your photographer wants you to feel great about your photos. Another factor in your look is your smile. Do you smile with your teeth showing or not? Which looks more welcoming? With professional headshots a good smile is up to you, just don’t force it as you may come off as unnatural or disingenuous. It’s generally recommended that at least a small smile is given for a corporate headshot. 

Your Clothing

For men choosing to get new corporate headshots you usually choose your favorite suit. Choose a common color such as navy blue or grey but not anything with bold colors or patterns. You want the focus to be on your face, not what you’re wearing. If you don’t want to wear a tie you should opt for a jacket or sweater.

For women, you’ll want a professional suit or office-like outfit. You also don’t want to pick any distracting colors or patterns. Furthermore, be careful not to overuse bright whites because they can make a person look washed out. For jewelry don’t choose anything too flashy, instead of classic and subtle should be the direction to take.

Keep in mind these are just guidelines of what’s best to wear. Some business professions don’t wear suits. So, suits aren’t always the answer. As long as what you wear sends a good message about you and your company, you’ll be fine. If your company works in a certain field (medical, education, etc) you may want to convey a different feel.


Body language is a major key to looking confident. For executive headshots, generally, avoid hunching your shoulders or crossing your arms. Crossing your arms can come off as a ‘closed’ body language and can make you seem unapproachable.

Then again, sometimes crossing your arms can work and come across as authoritative and knowledgeable. Discuss your preferred approach with your headshot photographer. Also, depending on the company culture you have you can choose to put your hands in your pockets or choose a more relaxed pose.

Hair and Makeup

A final note on getting a great corporate headshot is by not overdoing it in the hair and makeup department. Men should have styled hair and light makeup if needed to reduce the look of blemishes. Women should go for a more natural style of makeup, heavy makeup can look very overdone. Hair color shouldn’t be dyed too recently as the color can come off as too vivid and recent haircuts might not look good (bad haircuts happen!). Play it safe with your hair. Generally, try to do your hair and makeup like you would for an important client meeting.

If you are interested in getting new a new corporate headshot you can schedule a shoot with Headshots by The Light Committee by calling or texting (818) 300-9434.

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