The Benefits of Getting Corporate Headshots

These days we are constantly faced with images. Be it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or on our commute to work (billboards, subway advertisements, newsstands). People enjoy imagery because it is easy to digest. Our social media presences are filled with photographs, videos, and infographics. We are almost constantly encountering different brands throughout our day, so much so that we stop noticing and it becomes a part of the background. A large part of any corporate existence is a corporation’s ability to market which will usually depend heavily on imagery. With visual input playing such a large role in our everyday lives and careers, why would you choose to neglect to get corporate headshots for your networking and professional appearance? Below we will discuss different ways that a professional headshot can create a positive impact on your career.

getting Corporate Headshots

Your Headshot Shares a Story

Headshots have present a unique opportunity for you to tell a little about yourself to professionals that haven’t (or have just) met you. Anything from your facial expression, location, props, and dress wear can say something about you. When working with a professional photographer you can both work together to decide where would be best to take a photo that best represents you and your career.  

Your Headshot Introduces You

It’s hard to deny that your headshot doesn’t work as an introduction of you. It’s also an immediate first impression. With so many social media platforms geared toward career minded persons, you want to ensure that you are presenting your best self. Even if you have a career within an industry that you’ve been involved with for years you still want to present a great headshot. It will let others know that you’re an expert in your subject or at the very least, that you take yourself and your career seriously. It’s also a means for headhunters and recruiters to get an idea of who you are and whether they would be tempted to reach out with an offer that may entice you to move up the ladder in your field. If you’re new to a job search and are looking to start your career you should be aware that the first thing a hiring manager does is look for you online. Would you prefer to have a silly Facebook profile photo available or a professional LinkedIn Profile with a headshot that says “Hire me!”?

It Shows Off Your Personal Brand

You may be familiar with branding in terms of kitchen appliances and TVs but there is such a thing as a personal brand. A good headshot is an opportunity to position your persona and aspirations. A simple example of this would be if you work for an insurance sales company but show up to your headshot studio time wearing basketball shorts and a jersey. Are you aspiring and pushing a personal brand centered around basketball or are you a professional that works in a corporate setting? In this case, if your headshots were to be for your insurance career, you might want to skip the basketball jersey.

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