Taking Model Headshots Yourself vs. Professional Headshots

This is something people really need to think about. Because, at the end of the day, if you’re not a professional photographer, it will never be the same. It’s not that you don’t know how to take pictures. It’s just that a professional has taken model headshots, actor headshots, corporate headshots, and others thousands of times, and maybe you have taken pictures of landscapes and selfies. The experience factor, and the difference in equipment used,  is always something to keep in mind.

When talking about models, they, as much as actors, need to show all of their best angles and facets. Here at Headshots by The Light Committee, I have worked with many models and actors. I have learned what agents, casting directors, etc. like and what they don’t. Put your trust in an award-winning photographer to give you the image you need to get wherever you want.

Model Headshots

The Key to Success for Model Headshots

Models need to know how to move in front of the camera. They need to know how and when to look at the camera. Also, how to seduce an audience with just a movement of their eyes. In some cases they even need to learn how to act like someone or something they are not. But it’s all part of their profession. It’s also part of a professional photographer’s work collaborate with a model on these things, so they can get the best headshots for them to send to modelling agencies.

Models need to learn to work alongside their photographer, so the finished photos are great and highly marketable. The better the photographer they decide to work with, the better the results they will get.

In a world where settling for poor smartphone quality photos is common, working with a professional photographer that has excellent gear and software can be the difference to help you stand apart. Put yourself in a better position to get the job from that modeling agency you like so much by hiring Headshots by The Light Committee.

Finding a good photographer to work with can be difficult. But, it’s an important thing to research and not just settle upon the first photograph you find or that calls you back. I’ve been hired to do many reshoots for clients that first went elsewhere and got photos that were not good. Great photos require extensive knowledge about using high-end cameras and lenses, high-quality lighting, good post production, and more.

Benefits of Working With Headshots by The Light Committee

Here at Headshots by The Light Committee, I have had the pleasure to work with many models, actors, businesspeople and much more. I have had the opportunity to learn about their needs and about industry-specific requirements they might have. These reasons are why I enjoy photography, and also the reason I like to give my clients the best photos they can get.

Taking professional headshots is an activity that requires patience and effort from both parties involved – the person being photographed and the photographer. But as it’s something I really enjoy, I always make my best efforts for the client to enjoy it too, and get the best results for having a good professional session.

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If you want to get great professional model headshots, then you should search through my website and see for yourself what I can offer to you. Here at Headshots by The Light Committee I will always strive to achieve the best results for my clients, and always deliver the best quality photos at affordable prices.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me and ask what I can do for your model headshots and other types, too. Call or text me, Rafael, at: +1 (818) 300-9434 and get the best results for you, now!

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