9 Common Phrases with Interesting Stories Behind Them…

They are phrases we hear often, like “painting the town red.” But, some phrases have interesting origins. Check out the video at the link in the description, inspired by a story in Insider.

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5 More Reasons to Drink Wine

Research suggests there are apparently various positive reasons to drink wine for better health. Here are 5 more, sourced from Good Housekeeping. You can read the full article, a summary below, or skip to the break and watch it instead. Continue reading

Photographers Are So Underappreciated and, Thinking Now of the D850

I will probably always get irked by stories like this, where photographers are clearly undervalued and often taken advantage of. To quickly summarize, a photographer gets a gig with a magazine to photograph a band. A record label later takes the photos off the magazine website for their own use and then things get nasty. Continue reading

TLC Thoughts: More Than a Photographer, Mirrorless Craze, Battery Power

Those in Search of Photographers Often Need More

It’s true that more and more, companies are looking for more from their photographers. They don’t just want you to show up, set up and snap. Probably 4 out of 5 companies I speak with want me to bring more to the table. But, what could that mean? Continue reading

A Gentleman’s Wisdom in Less Than a Minute

A wise man once said… Well, just watch instead. Just for the fun of it…

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