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The Marketing Benefits of Getting Corporate Headshots

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With each passing day we come across more and more imagery than before as there are images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. We are also bombarded with images during any commute, such as on billboards. There is at least one studied reason why. People are targeted with imagery because it is easy to digest. In fact, we can process an entire image in just 13 milliseconds. This is why a picture is worth more than a thousand words and why a good corporate headshot is important.

The Marketing Benefits of Getting Corporate Headshots

Obviously, a corporate marketing manager understands the importance of marketing, but not everyone understands the role a good headshot plays. Team headshots are important digital assets that play a role in branding a company—as does their absence. CONTINUE READING.

Business Headshots Are Key for Networking and Branding

Business, just like politics, is all about aesthetics. It’s not enough for you to excel in your own field, you also have to look like you do. That is what makes business headshots so important when navigating your professional life. No matter the industry, those you encounter will want to know exactly who it is they are dealing with whenever you are not meeting in person. And in a world where one little connection can be the bridge for new opportunities, they need to remember you even after a brief encounter. You probably aren’t even aware of the many ways in which good headshots can help you in your professional life. Continue reading

The Case for Getting Professional Executive Headshots for Your Job

Having professional headshots taken might at first seem like something exclusive to the entertainment industry. Sure, maybe being in front of the camera every day isn’t a part of your job, but there are still plenty of great reasons to get headshots done. Everyone could use good executive headshots to use in their professional lives. Here are only a few of the scenarios in which you might find yourself in need of a headshot.

Enhancing Your Resume

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A very underrated way to enhance your own resume when applying to new jobs is to include an executive headshot of yourself. Since you are probably not an actor or a model, you might be wondering why do they need to see what you look like? Well, it’s more about helping them put a face to the resume they have in their hands. After all, what is a resume on its own? It’s just a series of words that hint at a person’s past. However, there is no real notion of what the resume represents. An executive headshot helps whoever is looking at your job application to get an idea of the person behind the words and information held in the resume.

Online Job Applications

It is more and more evident each day that we are witnessing the digitalization of the job market. In order to apply to jobs nowadays, rarely do people look at the newspaper or community posts anymore. Instead, there are plenty of websites and platforms dedicated to showing job postings and accepting resumes. Most of them, such as LinkedIn, require you to create an account, which gives you the option of uploading, not just your resume, but also a picture of yourself. This is the perfect opportunity for you to use headshots to give your profile a face and put yourself out there for recruiters and companies to consider. A good headshot will visually convey how professional and prepared you are.

Defining Your Life in the Workplace

Executive headshots are not just for when you are looking for jobs. In fact, they are most useful once you already have one. These can be your face within the company and the workplace from now on. Think about just how many people hate their office ID pictures. Most do, right? An executive headshot helps you avoid issues such as these by providing you with a well-taken and retouched picture of yourself that you can use for all corporate and workplace purposes. A picture for the staff section of the website? A framed recognition? A presentation? You will always be able to use your headshots to define your image while at work. 

Executive Headshots

If you are interested in giving your professional life a face, you are going to need some nice executive headshots. These can become a quintessential part of your job applications, your workplace presence, and your professional life in general. If that sounds like something you need, Headshots by The Light Committee, named a top portrait photographer in Los Angeles by Expertise, is the place to go. Call or text at (818) 300-9434 in order to make your appointment.

How Long Does a Headshot Session Take?

How long a headshot session takes will vary by photographer and the goal of the session. However, with Headshots by The Light Committee, the average session is under one hour for one to two finished headshots. But there are various factors that can change the length of a session.

Corporate Headshot Session

Because of the Nature of Needing to Get Back to Work, Corporate Headshot Sessions Are Often the Quickest. They Can Take as Little as 5-10 Minutes.

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How Many Headshots Do You Need?

“I need to get a headshot for work.” Or, is it “I need to get some headshots for work?” The plural use depends on what your career is. However, it’s almost always good to get more than one headshot regardless of your career. But, how many?

How Many Headshots Do Actors Need

Actors Usually Need to Have Many Headshots to Show Many Looks They Can Pull Off

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