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Why Update Your Headshot?

You might be thinking that a new headshot is a once-a-decade thing to get. Well, if it is for a driver’s license, perhaps so. But remember that the point of a headshot is to market your current self. Therefore, it must represent who you are, specifically now, and how you are marketing yourself. So, depending on your career goals, this might mean new headshots as often as each six months to around each couple of years. So, why update your headshot that often?

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A Good Professional Headshot Can Be the Inviting Difference to Attracting New Customers

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What is the Difference Between Business Headshots and Portraits?

If you are looking for the quick answer as to what is the difference between a headshot and a portrait, here it is. A headshot is usually a photo of a person’s face to be used for commercial or business purposes while a portrait is usual a photo of a person to be used for personal purposes. But there is much more you might want to know.

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A Classic Professional Headshot

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