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What is a Professional Headshot?

You are more likely now than ever to make use of a professional headshot. But what is a professional headshot anyway? If you want the quick answer, here it is. A headshot is a professionally created photo of your face to be used primarily for commercial purposes. That is the simple answer. If you want drill-down details, let us continue.

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A Professionally Made Headshot Stands Apart Compared with a Smartphone Shot or Other Non-Professional Photo

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The Case for Getting Professional Executive Headshots for Your Job

To some people, having professional headshots made for work might seem like something exclusive to the entertainment industry. Or other people often make the mistake to just use your smartphone for a headshot. But there are plenty of great reasons and scenarios to get headshots made. Everyone could use good executive headshots to use in their professional lives. Here are some scenarios in which you might find yourself in need of a professional headshot. First, a bit about the difference in working with someone who knows what they are doing with a camera versus just a friend with a camera or your smartphone. Continue reading

Headshots by The Light Committee Announces Studio Move to Glendale, Calif.

The Studio Upgrades Include Dedicated and More Abundant Free Parking, Private Restroom, and More

Headshots by The Light Committee, an award-winning Los Angeles area headshot studio, has upgraded its studio location with a move to Glendale, Calif. While the new studio is approximately the same overall size as the previous arts district studio, the new location offers many more conveniences.

Glendale CA

Glendale, Calif., is Well-Known for Shopping at the Glendale Galleria and Nearby Americana at Brand

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What Makes a Good Headshot?

A good headshot can be all the difference. For actors, it can literally determine if you get cast or not. For models too. Even for business professionals, it can be a determining factor if a potential customer wants to do business with you or not, or if that recruiter will contact you. But what makes for a great headshot?

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Sometimes the Goal in a Headshot is An Expression of Creativity

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Headshots by The Light Committee Named to List of Top-Tier Portrait Photographers in Los Angeles is a website that aims at making it easier for you to find local experts in your area in any specific trade you might be looking for. Whether you are looking for a wedding planner or a landscaper, Expertise is the database for you. They have a proprietary research method to make recommendations based on consumer feedback, customer reviews, and more, and that way they find the best possible expert recommendations for you. Furthermore, vendors cannot pay to make their “best of” lists.

This is the same site that recently named Headshots by The Light Committee one of the twenty-four best portrait photographers in Los Angeles. They took into account over 1,200 portrait photographers in Los Angeles all across the city and determined that we are among the top twenty-four. Continue reading

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