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What Makes a Good Headshot?

A good headshot can be all the difference. For actors, it can literally determine if you get cast or not. For models too. Even for business professionals, it can be a determining factor if a potential customer wants to do business with you or not, or if that recruiter will contact you. But what makes for a great headshot?

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Sometimes the Goal in a Headshot is An Expression of Creativity

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The Questions One Must Ask When Getting Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

A lot goes into actor headshots one will need to get selected for castings. There is no cookie-cutter approach. Much of this is because what is desired varies from casting director to casting director and from talent manager to talent manager. So, an actor needs to ask their talent manager or agent what they want. And if they do not have a talent manager, they need to decide what type of roles they want to be cast for. Then they can ask their chosen photographer some questions about getting actor headshots. So, what questions are these?

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Researching an Actor Headshot Photographer Means Asking Some Telling Questions

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How Should I Pose for a Headshot?

If you are rather new to getting headshots, you might wonder going into a session what you should do to pose? Like most photography answers, there is no one way or one shoe fits all answer to this. Much of it depends on the purpose of the headshot. Is it for an actor, a doctor, a model, dancer, and so on? Also, how will it primarily be used? And is there a feel or emotion you are trying to convey? So, what are some general tips?

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Posing for Headshots Means Considering Your Smile, Outfit and Body Language

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Taking Model Digitals Yourself vs. with a Professional Photographer

In most cases, if you need to have modeling digitals to submit to agencies, the advice is to take them yourself. This is supposedly because they want basic images of how you look that are not edited and with very little makeup or hairstyling. But are such images the best representation of you? Would a professional shoot be better?

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The Basic Full Body Shot Is One Shot That Is Needed as Part of Your Modeling Digitals

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What is Headshot Photography

Wikipedia defines a head shot, more commonly referred to as a headshot, as a modern (usually digital) portrait in which the focus is on the person. The term is applied usually for professional profile images on social media, images used on online dating profiles, the ‘about us page’ or a corporate website and promotional pictures of actors, models, and authors. But is there a better definition? Perhaps. How about the following.

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An Author Headshot Such as This Can Be Used Alongside Content to Convey a Branding Element for the Author’s Genre

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