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Services to produce corporate interview videos on-site for marketing purposes are also available. Please inquire for a custom rate.

Headshots by The Light Committee Slate Video Rates

Teleprompter services are available for an additional starting rate of $50

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Slate Video Rate Details

This is the total length the final video must be cut to for the set rate, which is 2 minutes or less. Custom rates are possible for longer videos.
When we're recording the video, naturally there's a chance you'll goof on a line or not like how you presented it. So, we'll have to "take" another video of it. This might require one to several takes.
Once the equipment is setup, the max recording time is the amount of allotted time for the chosen session that we can record. During this time, we can record one to many takes, whether to fix a line you didn't like or to stitch together multiple scenes. It's also during this recording time where look changes, etc. count toward recording time.
This is the amount of time I will need to spend - up to the max - to set up the lighting, camera and audio gear for recording the videos. This may include changing lighting, backgrounds, etc. for different looks or scenes.
This is the post-production work to make the final video production, which may include audio clean-up, video stitching, titling the video if desired, etc. These videos can be provided in up to HD quality or lower resolutions to meet certain requirements of websites you might need to post to.
Video recording takes place at The Light Committee studio in downtown Los Angeles.
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