Mobile Headshot Rates

Have The Light Committee come to your offices or location instead of you coming to the studio.

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Mobile Headshot Rate Details

This is the amount of time I'll be on location at your office, from arrival and setup, to conducting the headshot sessions. It does not include tear down time, which is often another 30-45 minutes.
Mobile headshot sessions are approximately 5-10 minutes per person. So, it doesn't allow time for a whole outfit change. But, you can quickly change your look once by adding a suit jacket or removing one, changing a tie, a scarf.
Each person's chosen headshot will be lightly retouched to remove some, not necessarily all, blemishes such as a pimple, stray hair, some lint, etc. If other retouches are requested, it starts at $25 per photo.
With a session per person averaging 5-10 minutes, anywhere from 10-25 photos will be taken on average. Some people want to get in and out, while others want a few more options to select that one favorite headshot.
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