Headshot Rates

Each session includes a set number of retouched photos and you also receive the remaining usable photos but, without touch-ups.

  • 1 Retouch + Around 30 Extra Photos: $110
  • 2 Retouched + Around 40 Extra Photos$150
  • Retouched + Around 50 Extra Photos: $175
  • 4 Retouched + Around 50 Extra Photos: $205
  • Retouched + Around 75 Extra Photos: $230
  • 6 Retouched + Around 75 Extra Photos: $255
  • Retouched + Around 100 Extra Photos: $300
  • 8 Retouched + Around 100 Extra Photos: $325

Lifestyle Session Rate

  • 6 Retouched Lifestyle Headshots + Around 100 Extra Photos: $350

Full details below in the “Further Details Below” section on this page.


  • Touch-ups are done for most blemishes, red eye, some stray hair, some skin tone, some wrinkles, etc.
  • Touched-up photos are provided as 8×10? print-quality PNG files and also as web-ready JPEG files for posting online<br>
  • These touched-up photos are the primary photos you should use for business, casting submissions, etc.

Additional Touch-Up Requests

Each additional new photo retouch request – or additional retouches to an existing photo – are $40 or $100 for an additional 3-photo package.

Further Details Below

• The sessions for 1 to 3 headshots are approximately 30-40 minutes
• The sessions for 4 to 6 headshots are approximately 60-70 minutes
• The session for 7 or 8 headshots are approximately 90 minutes
• The lifestyle session is approximately 60 minutes, not counting travel to/from (up to 15 miles)
• The 1 to 3 headshot sessions offer one quick shirt, coat, etc. change
• The 4 to 6 headshot sessions offer 2-3 outfit changes
• The 7 or 8 headshots session offers 4-5 outfit changes
• Hair and makeup services are additional and available upon request (you pay these service providers directly)
• Receive web-quality versions of all the photos shot during the session time
(Except any photos photographer deems not usable [such as missed focus, setup shots, missed exposure shots, etc.])
• These "extra" photos are provided without touch-ups (except perhaps some exposure or color corrections if needed) • They are provided as JPEG web-quality files of approximately 1,600 ppi size (long edge)
• RAW (original) files are not provided, unless a copyright buyout occurs
• Standard required paperwork needs to be digitally completed before a session: a liability release and permission for photography
• A web link to download photos from the session will be provided within 1-3 business days
• You make your selections online so work can be done on the photos to be touched-up
• Finished headshots are emailed via a download link, typically 2-3 business days after your selections are made
(Rush services are available for an additional fee)
• For the lifestyle session, we’ll meet at an agreed-upon outdoor location within 15 miles of The Light Committee studio, such as the DTLA arts district, a park, etc.
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