Los Angeles Headshot Rates from $125

Headshots by The Light Committee Studio Rates / Lifestyle Rates


– Select the Number of Retouches You Want
– For 1 Retouch, We’ll Take Around Two Dozen Photos
– 2 Retouches = Around 50 Photos, 3 is Around 100, etc.
– Also Receive Remaining Photos With No Retouching
– Add More Later: $25 Per Retouch, 5 Retouches for $100

Your Questions Answered (FAQ)

This is an approximate time - usually give or take 10 minutes - of how long you can expect for the headshot appointment to take, counting from the time your appointment is to start. It does not count the additional time spent after you leave, where retouch work and delivery of the photos is conducted.
There are many options. Classic colors include black, white and various shades of gray. And, there are various colors: red, green, blue, etc. There are spotlight and gradient colors too: orange, yellow, green, blue, red, etc. There are also some lifestyle options, such as brick or wood.
Looks are basically a change of a shirt, outfit, etc. that essentially alters how you "look" in a photo. For example, actors commonly want multiple looks to capture the essence of how they might look in a commercial or comedy, then other outfits to help capture how they might appear in a theatrical or cinematic role. Corporate executives might want to try a different blouse or sports coat, tie, etc. So, a "look" is essentially any outfit change you can do in under five minutes. Please note that for lifestyle sessions, the ability to change outfits in a bathroom-like area may be limited.
Depending on the session you choose, we will take a number of photos and from all the usable photos we take, you will select a certain number for retouches. Retouching allows several fixes to further make you look good. It's common to have some bags under your eyes - retouching will minimize or remove this. Same thing for red eyes, a pimple, some stray hair, a wrinkle or two, heavy lint on a shirt, etc. What is usually not retouched are things that are your essence (unless requested), such as a mole, scar, etc. Retouching also includes cropping to standard 8x10 inch for headshots. These retouched photos are then provided as a PNG file (8x10 inch print-quality, 3,000 ppi in size - long edge) and JPEG file (small files optimized for online posting, approximately 1,600 ppi in size, long edge). So, the other photos not chosen for retouching are provided too but, they are not retouched. Some basic cropping or color correction might be applied, and they are also provided as online-optimized JPEG files.
Simply, this is the likely minimum number of shots we'll take during your session photography appointment. Some photos may turn out to be not usable and may be deleted, at the photographer's discretion. Such photos may include if your eyes were accidentally closed, flash misfires, etc. So, we'll end up with a number of usable shots you can then select from for your retouch option.
It is commonly expected that payment in full is due at the end of a headshot session. The rates listed are the cost to you for the headshot session you select. Accepted forms of payment include cash, major credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa), Venmo, or PayPal. Sorry, no personal checks, Bitcoin, etc.

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