Quality Actor Headshots to Help You Stand Out For Auditions

In acting, staying ahead of your competition means being able to have the skill, charm, and talent at an audition. But it also means investing in the tools you need for success in getting auditions. In this profession, those tools are your resume and headshot. Your headshots are your first impression and it’s important to get them done correctly. No matter if this is your first time getting quality actor headshots or your umpteenth time, you should always work to get the most out of the session.

quality actor headshot

Keep in Mind There’s No Second Chance For First Impressions

When it comes to your headshots, are you happy with them? Do they show off your best sides, features, etc? Do you have the looks you need? Is your resume up to date with your most current work? Are these two important items doing what it takes to grab the attention of a casting director? Keeping these ideas in mind means that you should have your best representation on hand for auditions.

Consider the File Type

Be sure that when you are submitting things like your resume and headshots that they are the best quality possible and the highest resolution possible too. To get an opportunity to audition, this is essential. You also want to bring your resume and headshots with you to the audition, just in case someone from the casting team didn’t get a copy. It’s probably best to consider bringing it in print and digitally.


Wanting to make a good impression can mean spending the money to do so. You will probably dress for the part you are auditioning for or dress smartly and presentable. The same rules apply for your headshot. You don’t want to skimp on spending a little cash for great quality. Don’t go with photos taken by a friend on your smartphone. It’s a bad idea as they lack in quality. If others being considered for the part made the effort to work with a professional photographer, your smartphone photos will fall short. So, take the time to find a professional who will work with you to get the best shots.

Don’t Undervalue Yourself

Make sure that you take the time to find a photographer that does great work and understands your needs. Plenty of aspiring actors have overlooked the importance of good headshots that capture their best features and the number of looks they need. Make sure to take yourself seriously and get good headshots.

Keep Things Real

Don’t opt for ridiculous costumes in your headshots. Wear smart clothes that allow your eye color or hair color to be emphasized. Take yourself seriously and remember who will be looking at your headshots. Don’t over edit your shots either! Doing retouching is good but don’t remove things that are your essence. If you have a mole, wrinkles, freckles or other defining features don’t edit those out. You want to walk through the audition door looking like the person in your photos.

About costumes, it’s good to consider getting headshots for specific roles you’re after. For example, if you’ve had success being given roles as a doctor, police officer, etc., getting headshots done as those characters can help make you more appealing for such roles. In other words, the more headshot options you can arm your agent with, the better.

Personal Touches

When it comes to applying for an acting role you can be prepared with a great resume and even better headshot. If you want to up your chances, add a personalized cover letter or note specific to the role. It can show the casting team that you cared enough to thoroughly read the casting details. Combined, these things may be the reason why you are offered the role amongst 20 or 30 competitors.

When you are ready to get quality actor headshots to call or text Headshots by The Light Committee at (818) 300-9434 to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.


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