Following are a handful of higher-resolution example photos. So, they are not print quality (so you don’t have to wait forever for them to download) and as a result aren’t the highest resolution you can get. But, they are still good examples of good image resolution for actor, corporate, model and musician headshots.


Business Headshot

actor headshots los angeles

Musician Headshots

Los Angeles Actor Headshots

Actor Headshots

Business headshot

Modeling Headshots

Child Headshots

Model Headshots

Corporate Headshots

Actor Headshots

Good Headshots

There’s a lot that makes a good headshot. First, hire a professional and never use a selfie. A professional headshot photographer will have the technical skill and gear to produce high-quality photos. The setting also matters – the background. You’ll need to also project in your face the emotion you want to convey. It could be a gentle smile in a commercial look or a strong glare in a theatrical look. Finally, what you wear will also impact how good it is. Keep what you’re wearing simple.
You will need a studio setting, good quality strobe lighting, a good camera – no, a smartphone is not a good camera, a good photographer that has the technical skills, and good post-production. Then, the person in the photo will need to be well prepared. This means wearing the right clothes, being well-groomed, etc. All these elements combine for a good corporate photo.
In most cases, yes, a smile is good. It should be a relaxed smile and not one that is forced. Some people find it difficult to do this so, be comfortable first. A theatrical headshot for an actor is usually without a smile and some model beauty or glamour shots might be without a smile too.

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