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Wardrobe for Headshots

It is recommended that actors wear simple clothing and solid colors. This can include a t-shirt with no logos or other graphics. It can be a top that is solid black, white, blue or other natural color. Generally, try and stay away from plaids and stripes. You might also bring a jacket, particularly if you’re going after theatrical shots. Try and stay away from jewelry or other such accessories, unless you’re going for roles that call on such accessories – a bandana for a biker, for example. The goal is to put the focus on you and not what you’re wearing.
Well, it depends on your profession. A lawyer or financial executive might wear a full suit while a real estate agent or might opt for just a blazer. An actor might wear a simple t-shirt. It also depends if you’re going for a traditional 8x10 style headshot or a lifestyle headshot. For a lifestyle headshot you might also need to consider your bottoms in addition to your tops.
A headshot is a photo of a person’s face, generally from around the chest up, and model headshot is pretty much the same. It’s how the photo is accomplished for a model vs. a business executive that varies. For example, for a model, it might be a beauty photo with extra makeup, and it might be a much closer crop than an executive photo.

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