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Headshots by The Light Committee is focused on providing high-end headshots in Los Angeles without the high-end costs – it’s the best place to get good and affordable headshots. To this end, I offer headshot sessions that are nicely streamlined. So, you will have a great end-to-end experience. This includes from initial requirements of digitally processing of paperwork. It also includes an easy process of coming in for your session. And, it includes convenient digital downloads of your headshots. I ensure this positive experience by using reliable technology resources.

For this, I start by having great camera gear. I use Nikon D810 DSLRs, a camera model that is arguably the best still photography camera ever made. Newer models are out, including some from other brands. However, the quality of the D810 for still photos arguably remains unbeaten for a DSLR or mirrorless camera. It even rivals medium format camera quality costing $20,000 or more. This means headshots in Los Angeles that stand out. See high resolution examples for yourself. Just be sure you’re doing it from a desktop with a nice large monitor.

I also rely on very good portrait lenses. But, I also am sure to have just about every ideal focal length covered. Just as it’s important to use premium full-frame sensor DSLR or mirrorless camera bodies, it’s also important to use premium quality prime and zoom lenses. Optical quality is paramount and the glass used for your headshots is top-notch.

Studio Quality Headshot / Portrait

The main advantage of coming to a studio for head shots in Los Angeles is in the lighting. Natural light headshots are a good option. But, they should be secondary to studio-lit headshots for many reasons.  So, if you go to a studio to take advantage of studio lighting, the quality of that lighting is important. Therefore, I have in the studio plenty of Profoto studio strobes to create virtually any type of lighting setup. The quality and reliability of this lighting is practically unmatched. I also use plenty of lighting accessories to change lighting setups so you and I can conveniently go from commercial, to beauty, to theatrical looks, and more.

Backgrounds are also important. You need many studio background options to help with the variety of looks you might be after. It might be using a classic gray for a corporate headshot, a gradient black or spotlight white for a theatrical headshot, or a flashy blue for a headshot that pops. You might also want to mimic a location, such as a brick or wood wall. These options are also available.

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