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Headshots by The Light Committee is a photography service focused on offering affordable headshots near LA. I offer headshots in a few categories: actors, corporate, models, musicians, and other profiles such as for dating.

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I provide a variety of acting headshots sessions. So, actors can look to update or supplement an existing portfolio or create a portfolio if just starting out. The session photography options include options for multiple looks. These include looks to cover commercial, comedic or theatrical headshots with convenient and affordable retouch packages.

Headshots by The Light Committee - Corporate - Los Angeles CA

Business Professionals

I offer corporate headshot services. This includes coming in for a single photo for the company website or LinkedIn or multiple shots for branding purposes. I also offer a mobile headshots in Los Angeles. In this case, I come to your office and photograph the team. There is a very affordable starting rate for a single business headshot, which is just $125. Natural light executive headshots are also an option. So, you can easily elevate your career with a properly good headshot. It will help you stand out and clearly state that quality matters to you.

Headshots by The Light Committee - Model - Los Angeles CA


Models are often advised to take smartphone photographs to initially submit to agencies for consideration. So, it should be clear that getting professional model digitals done will help you stand apart. It also tells agents you’re serious by not settling for inferior-quality smartphone photos. Or, perhaps you’re already signed and now you need to fill out your portfolio with high-quality headshot. Or maybe you need lifestyle photos that help you stand out. See some examples for yourself by visiting the online portfolio on this site.

Musician Headshots | Los Angeles | Headshots by The Light Committee

Musicians and Dancers

Musician headshots allow fans to put a face to an artist. So, you should be sure it’s a good headshot. A headshot can be used to convey the essence of a song, album or scheduled gig. They can help you better market your music on social media, brand yourself online, or they can be the important album art you need.

And More

There are other online profiles where a good headshot is needed, such as a dating profile. Obviously, if you’re looking for dating opportunities, looking your best will be important. You want good headshots that show your full features. Good quality headshots also show that you care about how you carry yourself. They express self-confidence and a higher-end of yourself. With this studio, getting the best headshots in Los Angeles is possible

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