Is It time for New Business Headshots?

If you work for a company that has a website featuring a “Meet Our Team” or ‘About Us’ tab, you may be profiled with a photograph of yourself. If your company has a site but doesn’t have a “meet us” type of section, it may be a good idea to invest in one as well as new business headshots that go with it. Also, if you have company photos there are certain questions you want to ask yourself to determine if it’s time to get new ones.

Take a Headcount

One of the first things to address is whether your company group photos involve members that are no longer a part of your team. If you have recently hired a new head of IT or have seen a few employees move on to new employment opportunities, then it may be time for new photos. This can help to ensure that anyone who visits your website isn’t confused about your team or calling to speak with someone who no longer works with you.

New Business Headshots

Consistency is Key

If you have photos of all of your team members you should check to ensure that they are all uniform or appealing to your company’s values, branding or message. For example if your IT department is comprised of 5 members and four of them are posing next to their computers but the 5th is standing at a loading dock or elevator door, you’re missing the branding consistency that you should be desiring.

These and many other reasons might put you in the market for photographers  of corporate headshots in Los Angeles.

Would Your Clients Think the Photos are Professional?

Depending on your industry and the kind of tone you wish to set with clients who view your website, you have to put yourself in their shoes. If you are a dentistry office you’ll probably want to take in-office shots wearing your attire and giving a friendly and relaxing vibe. If you work in a corporate setting you may want to wear professional attire or have a few fun-filled shots that show a company that can play hard and work hard. This aspect is up to you.

Are Your Business Headshots Just Old?

Take an honest look at the business headshots that you have up. When were they last taken? If it was 5 or 10 years ago, you should definitely consider updating them. Not so that people can say, “Wow, they got older,” but to honestly reflect the person and professional you have grown to be in your career. It’s also great to give your clients or networking professionals an idea of what the current you looks like.

Were Your Last Headshots Bad?

We all have had the misfortune of working with a person that isn’t really matching up with our idea of how we want things. If your business headshots were taken by a company-hired photographer, you may not have received photos you felt showed your best you or that lived up to the quality a good headshot should have. You can correct that misfortune by hiring Headshots by The Light Committee this time around for all Los Angeles headshots needs.

Headshots by The Light Committee works with offices and individuals at the DTLA studio or your office to produce the best executive headshots. If you want to learn more about the studio’s offerings or schedule your session with The Light Committee, please call or text (818) 300-9434 today.

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