How to Get the Best Affordable Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

Although most of your own experience as an actor might have led you to believe that in order to get the best headshots you have to spend a lot of money, that is not necessarily true. Sure, headshots can be pricey, but there are some good, affordable actor headshots in Los Angeles. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good in them either. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you look your best in your headshots.

Match Your Personality

If you have any experience with acting, even if it was just as part of your classes, then you probably know by now what types of characters and roles tend to suit you best. For example, you might lean towards being the charming friend or the shy genius. You might want your current headshots to capture just that because that is likely how you might land your first few roles.


“Yeah, this girl looks like she can play the badass cop.” “Oh, this guy looks exactly like the mean prom king type.” Lean into your strengths as an actor in order to make sure that your headshots can accurately give the casting team an idea of the roles you can play.

affordable actor headshots in Los Angeles

Try Different Looks

You will most likely want more than just one headshot because you will ideally be submitting yourself for more than one type of role. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will take a headshot as a tennis player and one as a leather biker, but it does mean that you will want more than one look to match the potential roles you will be applying to.


This could be as simple as having a headshot in which you are smiling and another one in which you are more serious – commercial vs. theatrical. The lighting setup for either is vastly different and your photographer should understand this. This way at least you can have a different one for dramas and comedies, for example. In online applications in which you can include more than one headshot, this gives off the idea of versatility, so it is something you will want to consider when getting your headshots.

Bring Up Your Best Attributes

This basically means that you should play up your strengths. If you know you have a particularly nice smile, show it off in your headshot. If you know your right side looks better than your left, remember where to face most during your headshot session. Men might consider a session clean-shaven and another one with a beard and/or mustache, to have options? Maybe just a little stubble? How does your hair look most natural? Women might consider a session with their hair up and another with their hair down.


These are all things you should consider when you plan on taking your actor headshots. Knowing your angles and, more importantly, knowing yourself, will really allow you to bring up your favorite attributes and look your best.

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

If you are looking for affordable, good-quality actor headshots, welcome to award-winning Headshots by The Lights Committee! There is no better place in the city if you want to look your best in your headshots. For more tips, be sure to browse the website, and if you would like to schedule your own session, get in touch by texting or calling (818) 300-9434.

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