How Many Headshots Do You Need?

“I need to get a headshot for work.” Or, is it “I need to get some headshots for work?” The plural use depends on what your career is. However, it’s almost always good to get more than one headshot regardless of your career. But, how many?

How Many Headshots Do Actors Need

Actors Usually Need to Have Many Headshots to Show Many Looks They Can Pull Off

Now more than ever, most of us have many online profiles for various reasons: company website, career websites, social media, dating, and on and on. The top seven social media sites alone have hundreds of millions of users per site. These profiles have varied purposes often requiring varied headshots for their use. So, how many you need might be determined by how many profiles you have online and how different – or similar – you want them to appear.

How Many Headshots Do Actors Need?

There is certainly no fixed total to this question and the more an actor has in their arsenal, the better prepared they’ll be for varied casting calls. At the ultimate least, actors should have a couple of current headshots. It might be one commercial look and one theatrical look. Or, it could be two commercial or two theatrical. It depends on the castings being targeted.

Over time, and as an actor’s look changes, most actors seem to end up with well more than 10 that they’re active with. It’s a good idea to have a lot to try and find the best ones that work well. An actor can test by rotating use of headshots on their online profiles to see which ones are more effective.

If an actor hasn’t compared the quality of their headshot to others, it could be poor quality that’s holding them back. Or, even if you have great quality headshots, it could be that pose or shirt or something just isn’t clicking with viewers – it’s sending a subconscious negative message. So, if you have headshot options, try another one.

How Many Headshots Do Models Need?

Models will also want to have many headshots to use, though they’ll also want half, three-quarter and full-body shots. To get started, models might also want to mimic lifestyle, fashion or other shoots they want to target for castings.

Like actors, models should also have plenty of options to rotate shots and be sure to use ones that are most helpful to them landing gigs. At the very least, models need a close-up headshot and full body shot. Some modeling agencies will want even more than this.

Then there are musicians and dancers, which can also stand to have great headshots. Musicians can use them for promoting events they’ll be at. Dancers sometimes need them for auditions.

How Many Headshots Do Entrepreneurs, Corporate / Businesspeople Need?

Some professions can use quite a few headshots, such as real estate agents, where the person is often the brand. Others that can fall into this are lawyers, doctors, financial advisors and so on. In such cases, headshots can be used beyond the company website: online business profiles, advertising, print displays, and so on.

Many businesses understand how they can market their key employees to differentiate their business. Thus, headshots of key team members with bios on the company website are more popular than ever.

When team members get company headshots, they often use the same photo for their LinkedIn profile. Thus, some executives get by with just one headshot. If you’re going to have just one option for your headshot, it’s even more important that it be a professional headshot, not a selfie.

Getting Affordable Headshots

There’s no better way to show a lack of professionalism than using a smartphone photo and some app portrait feature. This particularly stands out when your profile is viewed alongside others competing with you and they used a professional photographer to get theirs done.

Some people use smartphones because they can’t easily find affordable headshots near them but, with a little research it’s possible to find cheap headshot rates compared to expensive ones. But be sure they are also high quality.

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