Getting Headshots While Using Social Distancing

The coronavirus incident is weighing heavily on many people, leaving them wondering what they can or cannot do. One limiting factor is the official request of practicing social distancing. While many businesses are on lockdown, would it still be possible to do a headshot session and practice social distancing?

headshots and social distancing

Is it Possible to Get Headshots Done and Practice Social Distancing?

The Meet and Greet

You’ve set up a headshot session and eventually you must meet with your photographer to go through with the session. Usually this means a handshake but obviously this should be avoided during the coronavirus incident.

Instead, a simple smile an “hello, nice to meet you” will do, while maintaining social distancing. Depending on the setup your photographer uses – a studio, outdoors, etc. – social distancing can easily be implemented.

Headshots Collaboration

A good headshot session often involves collaborating with your photographer about goals for the session. Sometimes this can be accomplished over the phone, with a call or texting. Still, usually going over things in person is useful, either to reconfirm what’s been discussed or just to do it in person altogether.

Yes, social distancing can also be practiced when collaborating with your photographer in person. A common recommendation is to stay six feet apart. This is still a conversational distance. No shouting required.

The Headshot Session

Now you’re ready for the actual headshot session – the part where you start taking photos. Most professional headshot photographers stay some six feet away during a session. This is primarily because of the equipment to be used in common 8×10 headshots. So, the session itself is likely to not be an issue either.

However, during a headshot session, a photographer often shares the back of the screen on their camera to show the pictures and how the session is coming along. This should be avoided, if the goal is to ensure practicing social distancing.

Instead, a photographer can setup an external monitor. In this case, a cable can be attached between the camera and the external monitor to ensure the photographer can stand back while you look at the photos on an external monitor.

Post Session Wrap-Up

So, the session is done and you’re wrapping up. Sometimes, you might collaborate with your photographer to select the headshots you want from the session. Obviously, sharing a desktop monitor to do so can make social distancing difficult to practice. So, during this incident, it’s instead recommended you make selections differently.

Photographers can setup online galleries where you can look at the headshots from your home to make selections. If you need someone’s help to make selections, such as your agent, manager, photographer or a friend, such galleries are usually shareable.

It’s usually common to pay for your headshot session right after it’s completed on-site. During this incident, avoiding cash is good practice. Using an instant payment app can avoid handing over a credit card. But, if you must hand over a credit card, do so on a germ-killing hand wipe.

Your photographer can offer you a hand wipe to use to hand him or her the credit card. The photographer can then wipe the card down to process it, then hand it back to you where you can use your wipe to do the same. Alternatively, your photographer can wash their hands and put on disposable gloves to process payment, helping to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

After payment comes the thanks and goodbye. Sometimes this also involves a handshake and getting close to do so. But this should be avoided for now. So, instead do it in the same manner as the meet and greet. With just a little bit more effort, getting headshots can be done while practicing social distancing.

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