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Actor Headshots in Los Angeles With the Right Looks for You

You’ve done the training. You’ve gone to all of your acting classes, maybe you have a degree, perhaps you have a reel of top quality work. Now, to really be where you belong, auditioning for and ultimately booking roles, you need something else: the best headshots.

Connections, agents, managers, and oh yeah, talent — all of those things are important, critical to your success. However, you need headshots too. They are also critical. I can provide you with the kind of actor headshots in Los Angeles that can open doors for you to stride on through. 

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Theatrical Headshots in Los Angeles to Make this Your Best Year Yet

2020. This can be your year, your decade as an actor. This is the time of year when everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions. Most of the time, these resolutions are discarded before Valentine’s Day rolls around. However, if this is the year that you really decide to go for it, to put everything you can behind your acting career, then it might be time to get some new headshots. Headshots by The Light Committee (HTLC) can provide you with the kind of theatrical headshots in Los Angeles that can make you stand out from the rest.

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Why Are Headshots So Expensive?

If you’re in the market for headshots, and depending on where you live, you might have uncovered that headshots can be really expensive. In Los Angeles, I came across one place that listed a headshot session at several thousands of dollars. But, do headshots really have to be that expensive?

Are Headshots Expensive

What Goes Into a Headshot That Makes It Cost More Than Just a Selfie?

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Studio Named Amongst Best Professional Headshots in Los Angeles, Reports APA

Whenever you are deciding who to hire for a task, you usually seek some sort of guide or reviews that can provide you with the best options. That is why there are resources out there such as Expertise. The online resource puts in constant time and effort into doing research on the best available options for just about any kind of job in the United States. This results in their recommendations meaning something to users, for they back them up with extensive research. And, as recently reported by APA, Headshots by The Lights Committee has just been rated a top one percent studio for professional headshots in Los Angeles. This is out of more than 1,200 photographers researched.

What is APA?

First of all, what is APA? Well, APA stands for American Photographic Artists, which is a not-for-profit organization for and by professional photographers improving the environment for photographic artists in the industry while also clearing the path for their success in the trade. By promoting mutual cooperation and support among photographic artists, the association is able to offer benefits and resources to help their members succeed. By organizing awards, events, competitions, and mixers, APA encourages communication and cooperation, all the while celebrating members’ accomplishments. They also compile an extensive catalog of qualified photographers in order to make hiring them easier for those seeking their services.

professional headshots in Los Angeles


As you probably know, Expertise.com is a website that wants to make it easier for people to be able to find quality providers for the services they are in need of. Throughout the years, they’ve built up a reliable database for everyone to be able to comfortably use. Their proprietary research method to make recommendations is based on customer reviews, consumer feedback, and a variety of other aspects. This way, they can bring you the best possible results and recommendations for as many reliable services as possible. Most recently, they used this proven method to name Headshots by The Lights Committee one of the best studios for professional headshots in Los Angeles.

APA Recognizing Headshots by The Lights Committee

Following the naming of Headshots by The Lights Committee as one of the top-tier headshot photographers in Los Angeles, APA highlighted the honor in a recent publication on their website. Headshots by The Lights Committee is a proud member of the APA, and the organization is intent on supporting its members, so they recently have featured the honor in their online newsfeed. If you go to their website, you will find the news featured as a recent update.

Professional Headshots in Los Angeles

Whether you are an actor in need of new headshots or a company seeking to properly showcase their team on their website, Headshots by the Lights Committee is your best source for professional headshots in Los Angeles. Rafael will make sure you look just the way you want in your new headshots. If you are curious, you can look up further reviews and awards like the Expertise honor. The studio’s satisfaction rate doesn’t lie! Call or text Rafael at (818) 300-9434 and schedule your session appointment today.

What is a Professional Headshot?

You are more likely now more than ever to need a professional headshot. But what is this anyway? First, it’s usually spelled “headshot” but sometimes also as “head shot.” Simply put, a headshot is a professional photo of your face. But there’s more to it than that. Nowadays it’s usually a digital file but there are still instances where prints are needed. A headshot is also often called a profile image – such as those you post on a social media profile.  The next question that often comes up is why does it need to be professional? Well, for a lot of reasons.

professional headshots in los angeles

A Professionally Made Headshot Stands Apart Compared with a Smartphone Shot or Other Non-Professional Photo

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