Business Headshots Are Key for Networking and Branding

Business, just like politics, is all about aesthetics. It’s not enough for you to excel in your own field, you also have to look like you do. That is what makes business headshots so important when navigating your professional life. No matter the industry, those you encounter will want to know exactly who it is they are dealing with whenever you are not meeting in person. And in a world where one little connection can be the bridge for new opportunities, they need to remember you even after a brief encounter. You probably aren’t even aware of the many ways in which good headshots can help you in your professional life.

business headshots

Business Cards

Business cards are the basis of networking and connection for just about any industry. Anyone who cares about their future carries them around, for you never know when that key connection will happen. The coming and going of business cards, however, also ends up representing a problem. You may end up having too many, to the point where it might become hard to remember who it was that gave you their business card in the first place. The way to make sure this doesn’t become a problem for those you share your cards with is to include a business headshot in them. This literally puts a face to the card and allows those you network with to easily remember who gave them the card and therefore be more likely to contact you.

Company Websites

Most companies care about being seen as a collective group of people rather than as a cold, faceless entity. That is why they tend to have, at the very least, a page with the pictures and names of the people who work there. Some even have profiles for each, introducing them to current and potential clients. It just creates a good image of the company. Now, in such cases, you don’t want to just take a picture with your phone and upload it to the company website. You want to appear professional, which is why a business headshot is most definitely the way to go. If your company wants to show you off, you should be showing yourself off as well.

Events and Conferences

You have probably attended your fair share of corporate events, retreats, conferences, and similar events over the years. These represent great spaces to network, learn about the ways others do their jobs, and even share your knowledge with others. If you find yourself being a guest at an event like these, you will probably need business headshots at some point. Why? Well, the people who are there to see you will probably want to put a face to whoever it is they are going to hear talk in promotional material. You don’t want them to just use your Facebook picture, do you? A headshot can accurately show you off to those present.

Business Headshots

At the end of the day, you don’t want your business endeavors to be divorced from who you are, and the way to do so is to make sure that your face is tied to your practices. In order to schedule a session to get your own business headshots with The Lights Committee, call or text (818) 300-9434.

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