What Are Casting Directors Looking for in Actor Headshots?

Headshots are a vital aspect of an actor’s career. They serve as one key gateway into actually getting to act in front of a camera. So it’s important to get them right. Although your first instinct might be to just use that picture of you that your friend took last summer, that is not what casting directors want to see. It’s important to get actor headshots right in order for them to reach their full potential as vehicles to auditions. That is why you should keep in mind what casting directors look for in actor headshots. What is that? Let’s find out. Continue reading

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Corporate Headshots

Getting corporate headshots are important for marketing yourself or a small business. For an individual, your LinkedIn or other online profile gets many more views with a headshot. For management teams on the company website, headshots are an essential first impression with potential customers.

So, if you’re in the market for getting headshots there are at least three considerations to avoid getting a bad one.

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Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

Why A Professional Headshot Is Important?

I had a recent client mention to me he tried several times to use his new iPhone and portrait mode to take his own headshot and it never looked just right. Frustrated, he finally decided to find a headshot photographer. I had another client tell me last year that he used a selfie for his LinkedIn profile and a headhunter told him to help him, he would need to change his headshot. So, these are just two of many reasons why a professional headshot is important.

Corporate headshots in Los Angeles

Good Corporate Headshots Align with Corporate Branding Elements, Help Showcase Self-Confidence That Drives Potential Customers to You, Demonstrates Your Commitment to Quality, and Much More

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Video Version: Get the Best Corporate Headshots

Following is a comprehensive video guide on how to get the best corporate headshots in Los Angeles, though it’s applicable to any market. The video is inspired by an article posted on LinkedIn covering the same subject.

corporate headshots in los angeles

Getting the Best Corporate Headshots



Quality Actor Headshots to Help You Stand Out For Auditions

In acting, staying ahead of your competition means being able to have the skill, charm, and talent at an audition. But it also means investing in the tools you need for success in getting auditions. In this profession, those tools are your resume and headshot. Your headshots are your first impression and it’s important to get them done correctly. No matter if this is your first time getting quality actor headshots or your umpteenth time, you should always work to get the most out of the session.

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