Headshots by The Light Committee Announces Studio Move to Glendale, Calif.

The Studio Upgrades Include Dedicated and More Abundant Free Parking, Private Restroom, and More

Headshots by The Light Committee, an award-winning Los Angeles area headshot studio, has upgraded its studio location with a move to Glendale, Calif. While the new studio is approximately the same overall size as the previous arts district studio, the new location offers many more conveniences.

Glendale CA

Glendale, Calif., is Well-Known for Shopping at the Glendale Galleria and Nearby Americana at Brand

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What Is the Best Color to Wear for a Headshot?

Headshots have more thought go into them than most people think. One of those thoughts is what are the best colors to wear for a headshot session? And the answer to this is not at all straightforward. That said, while color theory is useful, what color to wear is also not necessarily a complete science.

what color to wear for a headshot

What Color to Wear for Headshots Depends on What They’ll Be Use for and on Any Contrast Goals You’re Looking For

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Should Headshots Be Matte or Glossy?

If you’re looking to get a headshot done, you might also need to print it. Actors often do to provide for casting calls. Real estate agents also do for brochures. There are various other situations where you might need to print. So, is matte or glossy better?

headshot prints matte or glossy

Trying to Figure Out If You Should Print Your Headshot on Matte or Glossy Paper? First, Be Sure Your Headshot Image is Print-Worthy.

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What Is Considered a Headshot?

Some people aren’t familiar with what a headshot is and what they are used for. Simply put, a headshot is a professionally made photo of a person’s face. How close-up to a face the photo is can vary. The purpose of such a photo is for a variety of business uses. Therefore, the level of quality of a headshot is important.


A Headshot is a High-Quality Photo Professionally Made to Use for Business Purposes While a Portrait is for Personal Use

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Headshots by The Light Committee Announces Spring Rates

New Rates for Individual Headshots Now Posted Online, Mobile Headshot Rates Remain Unchanged

Headshots by The Light Committee, an award-winning Los Angeles headshot studio, has announced new headshot rates that are in effect immediately. The rates are for individual sessions while mobile headshot rates for corporate teams remains unchanged.

Headshots by The Light Committee | Los Angeles

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