7 Tips for Getting the Best Headshots

There are a lot of tips – 7 in this post – that can be offered for getting good headshots. There are also so many proven reasons why everyone in business – whether corporate business or show business – must have a professional headshot. So, what can you do to be sure to get the best headshots? Let’s get into the first tip.

I’ve put together a 5-minute video you can watch instead of reading this or read on.

Headshots by The Light Committee - Actor - Los Angeles CA

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Why Are Headshots Important for Your Project?

Contrary to what you may believe or what the industry you are involved in believes, headshots can have a positive impact on your career and can showcase your professionalism to those you network with. While you might not find much stock in judging a person by their appearance, the unfortunate truth is that it happens no matter what. So, when you want to make a good impression on your resume, LinkedIn profile, business Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; A professional headshot might be the answer.  



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9 Common Phrases with Interesting Stories Behind Them…

They are phrases we hear often, like “painting the town red.” But, some phrases have interesting origins. Check out the video at the link in the description, inspired by a story in Insider.

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Court Ruling: It’s Now Easier to Claim Fair Use for Copyrighted Photos and Get Away With It

Let’s take a look at this astounding court decision. First, some background… A company that organizes a film festival took a cropped version of a photographer’s photo and posted it to their website. The suit states the website is a reference guide for filmmakers to have information about the local area where the film festival is to take place, such as things to do and lodging. Continue reading

5 More Reasons to Drink Wine

Research suggests there are apparently various positive reasons to drink wine for better health. Here are 5 more, sourced from Good Housekeeping. You can read the full article, a summary below, or skip to the break and watch it instead. Continue reading

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