Whatโ€™s the Difference Between Business Headshots and Portraits?

Some will tell you that a headshot is specifically a photo of just your face, probably tightly cropped from the shoulders up. Sure, it can be this and also much more. As for a portrait, some will also tell you that a portrait is basically any other type of photo of you. Also true. For sure, the lines between the two have blurred. But, the one thing that is different between the two is that business headshots are used for marketing purposes whereas a portrait is not – or at least it usually should not be.ย 

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Who Needs a Headshot?

So, youโ€™re wondering if you need a headshot? Itโ€™s very likely that you do. Itโ€™s harder to make the case to not get one than it is to get a professional headshot. There are many scientific, traditional, and modern reasons why.

Letโ€™s throw some scientific points at you. Content with visuals get 94 percent more views. And, 40 percent of people respond to visual information better than they do to plain text. And, LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more views and 36 times more messages. And, I could do this all day, but you get the point. So, if itโ€™s obvious that a headshot to accompany any text โ€“ your bio, resume, profile, etc. โ€“ is very important, then who are some of the people itโ€™s important for?

Model Headshots

For Actors, Models and Others In Entertainment, Their Headshot is Like Their Resume

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Where to Take Headshot Photos

Sometimes, deciding on a setting or location for where you want your professional headshots in Los Angeles can be difficult to decide. There might be certain considerations if you need actor headshots, corporate headshots, model headshots, etc. So, what might you need to consider?

commercial studio actor headshots

Studio Lighting Allows for Greater Control to Get Precisely the Shot You’re After

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How to Get the Best Model Headshots โ€“ A Video Version

The following video is inspired by two articles Headshots by The Light Committee had published on Model Mayhem focused on helping models ensure they get the best headshots to help their careers. The first article was titled โ€œHow to Find the Best Modeling Headshot Photographer.โ€ The second article was titled โ€œHow to Get the Best Model Headshots for Your Career.โ€

How To Get the Best Model Headshots

This video version makes for a condensed view of both articles. So, if youโ€™re press for time, see the video. If you want the full details, be sure to read both articles on Model Mayhem.

Get The Best Model Headshots for Your Career

If you are in the market for headshots in Los Angeles, there are countless photographers you can find on Google, Yelp, etc. It makes it very difficult to find a headshot photographer you like and to also vet photographers.

There are countless things to consider when searching for headshot photographers in Los Angeles. What are their rates? Do they have a studio? How good is their work? Can they do studio lighting and natural lighting? Do they have good reviews? And so on.

With these articles and videos, Headshots by The Light Committee hopes to provide useful and actionable information to be sure any model out there gets good headshots for a modeling career.

Why Do Actors Need Headshots?

If you are a part of the acting community, you are likely well aware of why actors need headshots in their industry. If you are just getting started in acting or thinking of dipping your toes in the industry, you may not be too sure of why you need headshots. One of the very first things an aspiring actor should do before trying to book auditions is to get professional headshots. When you get professional headshots done it can be much easier to drop them off with casting directors at auditions you attend or to submit to agents you want to work with. Continue reading

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