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Headshots by The Light Committee started with a studio in La Crescenta, an area near Glendale, in 2015. The studio moved to the arts district of downtown Los Angeles for a year before moving to Glendale, CA in 2020.  So, now you can more easily get great headshots near LA. It is operated by photographer, Rafael Larin.

Rafael is dedicated to providing premium quality headshot services at an affordable cost to meet the needs of actor, corporate, model, musician, and other customers. This also includes for dating profiles and lifestyle headshots.


To this end, the primary services offered are commercial studio headshots using premium commercial-grade lighting and camera equipment. For natural light headshots, there is a lifestyle headshots session that can be done walking around the photogenic arts district. For businesses, there are also mobile headshot services where the studio comes to your location to photograph your team. Services in other locations can also be provided under custom rates. No matter where or how, this studio aims to provide the best headshots in Los Angeles.

There are a handful of standard headshot sessions to choose from and each session offers a select number of retouched photos. The photo selected for retouching is provided as a print-quality file and an online optimized file. Other usable photos from the session are also provided without retouching and as online-optimized files. Online-optimized files are basically smaller JPEG files made for more easy posting to websites that might have limits on file sizes they accept.


Getting professional headshots in Los Angeles can be difficult. So, the level of quality here stands apart from competing services. The rates per session are also lower than average. This combination provides customers a compelling value unlike anywhere else. In addition, customer service is also premium, supported by fast results and responses to inquiries. Finally, Rafael has extensive agency public relations and marketing experience. It helps bridge any gap in understanding for how you can leverage your headshots to brand yourself or your business. All these elements make for a headshot experience unlike anywhere else.

Things to Know About Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

Are you new to town or just visiting LA? Here are some additional tips that hopefully help you get around.

Are Los Angeles and Hollywood the same place?

Yes and no. Let’s clear up this answer. Hollywood was consolidated into Los Angeles in 1910. However, most Angelenos identify Hollywood as its own thing. It’s certainly very central to Los Angeles, both in identity and its location. Compared to other popular spots in LA, Hollywood is west of downtown. And, as any Angeleno will tell you, they are 20-60 minutes apart – give or take traffic.

How is Los Angeles Public Transportation?

Compared with New York, San Francisco, or Chicago, let’s just say consider an Uber or Lyft instead. Because LA is so spread out and got a late start on public transportation, it’s not as refined as other cities.

LA is arguably the biggest car culture in the nation. We love our cars and most of us consider it a telling statement of who you are. Perhaps this is another reason public transportation isn’t so relied upon as in other cities.

How is Los Angeles Weather?

The weather in Los Angeles is arguably the envy of every other city. However, it can get very hot here and even though some say it’s a dry heat, 110 degrees is hot any way you slice it. Fortunately, this level of heat is rare.

We pretty much get no snow either, though world-class skiing is not much of a drive away. LA is enviable because the weather could theoretically allow you to ski in the morning, then have lunch at a world-class restaurant, and then go swimming in the ocean in the evening.


Headshots by the Light Committee has a permit with FilmLA allowing for the use of specific Los Angeles county beaches and parks for still photography. In addition, the studio is a Leader Member of The American Photographic Artists (APA) and earned the Bark Certificate of Excellence, 2019.

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