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Headshots by The Light Committee is next door to Burbank, in Glendale, less than five miles from each city’s center. The studio provides actor, corporate, model, singer, and various other headshot services.

Rafael provides Burbank customers with high-quality headshot services at a low-cost. This helps meet the needs of actor, corporate, model, people wanting dating profile photos, and other customers. As well, lifestyle headshots are provided.

Burbank Services

The main services provided include studio headshots. For this, the studio employs premiere commercial-grade lighting and camera equipment. As well, natural light headshots are offered. For this, we’d walk around the arts district to use its great backdrops. In addition, corporations can make use of mobile headshot services so the studio comes to your business to photograph the team.

There are many convenient headshot sessions offered. Each session provides customers a select number of retouched photos. The photo a customer selects for retouching is delivered as a print-quality file and as an online optimized JPEG file. The other usable photos from the session are also given but, without retouching and as online-optimized files. Such online-optimized files are provided for more easy posting to sites that can have limits on file sizes they accept.


Headshots by The Light Committee prides itself of delivering a level of quality that is evident. Then, the rates per session are lower than average. This combo provides customers a convincing value proposition that is difficult to find somewhere else. But, that’s not it. This premium service also includes fast results you’ll not have to wait weeks for photos once you select the ones you want. In addition, Rafael has a lot of agency public relations and marketing management experience. This is essential because it provides branding expertise for the headshots you plan to use for, well, branding. It’s these things that set apart Headshots by The Light Committee.


Burbank CABurbank, California, is known to Angelenos for its strong influence on the entertainment industry. After all, many entertainment juggernauts are based in the city or have significant operation there. They include Warner Bros. Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, The Burbank Studios, Cartoon Network Studios, and more.

But, if you’re an Angeleno, Burbank is also considered a good place to live, with good schools, community and culture. There are a lot of good things about Burbank that are worth checking out.

What Else to Know About Burbank

Whether you’ve just moved to the area, are just visiting or are planning a trip, there are other things to consider.

How is Burbank Airport?

Simply put, compared to LAX, flying into or out of Burbank Airport is a dream. When you depart or land, you can often deplane from the front and the back of the airplane. Nice. It’s a small airport. So, you avoid a lot of the big airport drama. You can get in and out of the airport easily. So, if you’re planning a trip to the Los Angeles area – and especially if it’s to the San Fernando or San Gabriel Valley areas – you should seriously consider this airport.

How Far is Burbank from Universal Studios

By Angeleno standards, getting from Burbank to Universal Studios is a breeze – they’re right next to each other. If you’re from a small town, it’s not so convenient. But, no matter where you’re from, getting from Burbank to Universal Studios is convenient.

Where’s Burbank California

Burbank is a city within Los Angeles County and is generally located 13 miles northwest of the arts district in downtown Los Angeles. It is part of the greater Los Angeles metro area.

It is considered to be part of the San Fernando Valley region. To, the west is North Hollywood – or, the NoHo District. To the east is Glendale.


FilmLA has provided Headshots by The Light Committee with a permit to conduct still photography at select Los Angeles County beaches and parks. Also, the studio is a Leader Member of The American Photographic Artists (APA) and received the Bark Certificate of Excellence, 2019.

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