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“The first time I took headshots with him I was able to use them to find an agent to represent me, and two months later they got me a McDonald’s audition WITH THE SAME HEADSHOT. I even booked the role!” – Jovita T.

  • Actors that have had headshots created by HTLC have gone on to submit them to talent agents and get their representation.
  • Some talent agents have recommended actors to get their headshots done only with HTLC.
  • Actors have used their headshots to help successfully get castings with major studios like A&E, BET, HBO, Lifetime, Netflix, etc.
  • Actors have also used their headshots to submit for and get commercials with major brands.

HTLC makes no warranties or guarantees about the results headshots will offer, whether expressed or implied. Getting a good headshot like seen here is but one important component to succeeding at getting an agent, getting cast as an actor, or achieving other successes. Individual results vary. The results mentioned here were verified by Headshots by The Light Committee via individual actor profiles available online or by being informed by the actor of their achievements.

Actor Headshots | Los Angeles

Finding the best photographer for acting headshots can be a chore. You need to be sure to get the best headshots for submitting them to agents. Also, you might want some to print for mailing them to casting directors. So, this service is also provided. Just remember you ideally want studio shots as your primary go-to photos and natural light thereafter. You also want commercial and theatrical shots for sending photos to agents. You know you need good photos to compete in the LA market and you’ve found the right website to get the best Los Angeles actor headshots. You’ve just seen a photo examples of theatrical and commercial looks.

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