Actor Headshots in Los Angeles With the Right Looks for You

You’ve done the training. You’ve gone to all of your acting classes, maybe you have a degree, perhaps you have a reel of top quality work. Now, to really be where you belong, auditioning for and ultimately booking roles, you need something else: the best headshots.

Connections, agents, managers, and oh yeah, talent — all of those things are important, critical to your success. However, you need headshots too. They are also critical. I can provide you with the kind of actor headshots in Los Angeles that can open doors for you to stride on through. 

actor headshots in Los Angeles

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles for All Kinds of Looks 

I’ve worked with actors (and/or actresses, if you prefer) with all kinds of looks. You might want to target the glamorous socialite, the mousy librarian, the titan of industry, the savvy doctor or go-getter detective. Regardless of the types of roles you want to target, I can set up the sorts of headshots that will set you apart from the rest.

If you’ve been in LA for any length of time, then you know the difficulties in getting cast for roles you want. A headshot with a focus can be one more way to rise above that, to show that you’re something unique and different. Headshots by The Light Committee can help, no matter which look you’re going for, to exemplify the real you. 

Headshots that Actors Can Pay For 

No one should have to go into debt to get quality headshots. I know that so many of my clients are working several jobs to chase their dreams. This is why I offer an incredible combination: an award-winning studio providing arguably the best actor headshots in Los Angeles and with affordable rates compared to most.

My goal isn’t to get actors to give me a bunch of money for their headshots and then never hear from them again. I want to establish a working relationship with actor clients, so that as their needs and looks change and they need new headshots in the future, they’ll come back to a reliable photographer – me, Rafael.

So, I offer rates that actors can afford no matter where they are in their career. Headshots should be a tool that helps an actor rise up, not a financial burden that causes them to sink. I can provide you with the sort of headshots that can lift your career higher. 

A Gift From (or For) You 

The holiday season may have just ended but headshots make an excellent gift for other occassions. It might be a birthday, a new business venture, etc. Or, maybe you just want to give someone the kind of gift from a headshot that can give someone more today as well as into the future.  I see gifting a headshot as one more way that I can help clients as well as those who care about them. 

Headshots Throughout All of LA 

Getting around Southern California is difficult, at best. That’s just one of the reasons I made sure to put the studio in a place where it was most accessible for most actors from all over the area. To start the conversation about your headshots, you can call or text me, Rafael, at (818) 300-9434. Or, visit the website to contact me there.

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