Actor Headshots in Los Angeles and What Aspiring Actors Will Need

So you think you have what it takes to become an actor? Well, good! Acting has arguably been subject to gatekeeping for so long that it could constantly use new players. Now, you’ll obviously need a few things to get started, some more obvious than others. If you would like a few pointers on what you’ll have to start taking with you to casting calls and auditions, here there are a few suggestions.

Actor Headshots

The first stop is, of course, the headshot. Many people in the industry constantly talk about how expensive, annoying, and important headshots are, and for good reason. They are a big part of the business, for they are the vehicles to getting cast in different projects. Part of acting onscreen is the way you look, not necessarily in real life, but definitely on camera.

Headshots allow the casting team to see just that and to determine whether you are a good fit or not. It’s important that you don’t just submit any face picture as a headshot. No, they have to be professional headshots, or else they will just look mediocre and lacking in effort. You want them to know you care about the trade and that you respect it. The way to do so is through professional actor headshots in Los Angeles. It can be tricky to get good headshots too. So, be sure to get as much advice as possible. 

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

Resume and Portfolio

Everyone always talks about actor headshots, but not nearly enough people mention what goes on the other side or alongside it: your resume. Now, acting resumes are not necessarily the same as your run of the mill resume that you would take to a job interview at a fast food place. Acting resumes have to highlight, well, acting experience.

Even if you haven’t had any formal acting jobs so far, it is vital to show exactly what it is that you have done that has somehow prepared you to act. This list of previous work and current abilities has to be complemented by a portfolio, which consists of the visual evidence of said work. You will have to visually demonstrate your ability to act via a reel you make available so that those casting the project can be reassured that you know what you are doing. A slate video can also be a bit helpful.

Relevant Statistics

A key detail that a lot of people tend to forget about is the list of relevant personal statistics. Again, since part of acting is the way you look, this will include any physical attributes that will come into play when shooting you. Casting directors want to know you are right for what they are casting, so they’ll want to know your age, your height, and your hair and eye color. Depending on the nature of the acting job, it might also be prudent to point out distinct attributes, such as moles, freckles, or tattoos that might be visible in the shoot. 

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles by The Light Committee

This is all just scratching the surface. Getting in touch with a good actor agent and acting school can help uncover a lot more of what you’ll need and need to know about.

If you are looking to get your foot in the door with the best actor headshots in Los Angeles, look no further than Headshots by The Light Committee. There is no better way to get outstanding headshots than through an experienced award-winning photographer who knows what they are doing. Call or text Rafael now at (818) 300-9434 and schedule your photo session.

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