A Case for Getting Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

Having professional pictures of your team members is a good idea, particularly or at least for customer-facing employees or senior management. However, organizations should do their best to photograph employees for business use. In fact, there are many reasons why you would want corporate headshots in Los Angeles.

Real Estate Headshots

In the real estate industry, it’s all about the look of things. This applies to the way the property looks just as much as to the way that you look. For a real estate agent, even if working for an agency, you are the brand. That is why realtor pictures are always a part of the on-property sale and rental signs.


People want to know who it is that they are dealing with and what they look like. Good corporate headshots are hence vital for realtors who want to put their best face on their business image. Never underestimate the importance of good real estate corporate headshots. So, be sure to find the right photographer when it comes to defining the look for your own real estate practice.

Office Headshots

Whether it’s for commemorating someone for hire, for a promotion or for an award, office headshots are always good ways to portray your team the way they deserve to be shown to the world. It’s almost a ritual in most places to take a headshot of an incoming new employee so they can post it to the website or print and use at an office location.

corporate headshots in Los Angeles

While headshots are especially good for websites, more and more companies are choosing to show off their roster of team members in many other ways in order to make them a part of their public image. It’s ultimately a very thoughtful way of including them in your shared venture and making sure they all feel like they are an important part of it. 

Corporate Events

A good way to enhance corporate events is through a photography session for your employees. After all, they are already going to get dressed up for the event, you might as well photograph them while they look their best. Not only does this help to commemorate the occasion the event is for, but it also provides an interesting activity that will leave them with a reminder of the date. Like Hollywood does, you might use a step and repeat backdrop setup with your company logo.


Additionally, your company will be able to share these pictures and make them a part of their online presence, highlighting the staff when they are at their best. Elevate your office event with corporate headshots anytime.

Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

The aforementioned reasons only begin to scratch the surface of the many reasons why you would want corporate headshots. Maybe you want to enhance your own resume with a good business headshot, or maybe you are looking to show off your employees on the lobby wall.

Whatever the reason behind them, corporate headshots are never a bad idea, and this outstanding photographer at Headshots by The Lights Committee can get them for you. For more information call or text (818) 300-9434 and book your photo session.

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