5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Professional Modeling Headshots

Are you a model that is trying to break into the industry? You are probably well aware that you are stepping into one of the most competitive career ventures and being prepared can make or break your ability to make it in the long run. Aside from having the nature, confidence or learned skills that a model needs, you want to gain the best competitive edge out there. One of the better ways to get an edge, and one of the easiest is to have a set of professional modeling headshots at the ready to present to prospective agencies. These headshots can go a long way in capturing and accenting your best features while also showing a range of what you can do.

Professional Modeling Headshots

Are You New to Modeling?

If you are new to the modeling industry you may not be familiar with what modeling headshots are all about. Headshots are pictures that serve as a showcase of your personal look. These can be done in different ways but, the most common are shots of your face to digitally submit or that are placed on one large card. This is a card you hand in to an agency as a ‘business card’. You’ll also need some full-body shots and some good lifestyle shots will start helping create the perception of how you might fit into castings.

Why Headshots Are So Important for Models?

First things first: a lot of agencies won’t be bothered to reach out to you if you don’t supply model headshots. If an agency has nothing to supply their clients with (casting directors, advertising agencies, etc etc) then you won’t even get your foot in the door. You should also have your headshots uploaded to your social media platforms. This can be essential in helping agencies and interested parties to quickly look you up and find many examples of what you look like. You can also do this on your website or with a reliable online storage drive. From there they can gauge your potential. A great set of headshots can show off your personality and supply a talent scout with an idea of your potential range.

But How Do You Get Good Headshots?

Don’t depend on your selfie stick, tripod or mom to take photos of you. Instead you’ll want to work with a professional photographer that is familiar with your industry. You probably wouldn’t book a session with a photographer that takes real estate pictures or strictly does wedding shoots. You’ll want to work with a professional or company that understands your needs and can get you the best shots to show off your range. This means working with someone that allows you to feel comfortable and confident. You should also look into hiring a professional makeup artist so that you can arrive at the studio with your best face forward. If you are interested in getting your modeling modeling headshots from an experienced professional company you can depend on, contact Headshots by  The Light Committee. Call Photographer Rafael at the studio today to set up your headshot appointment (818) 300-9434.

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